Northwest District Lay Servant Academy

March 4, 2023

8:00 am - 5:00 pm (ET)

Cross Wind UMC

616 SR-25

Logansport IN


This is an IN PERSON Lay Servant Academy.  Classes are open to anyone interested.  It is expected participants will be present for the entire day.  Participants are expected to have read the required reading and to have completed the pre-class assignment prior to the event.

Cost:  $25.00 per person

Payment Information:  Visa and MasterCard accepted

Please print a copy of your registration for your receipt.

Check payments must be mailed within 7 days of registration.  Please include a copy of your invoice with your check.

Make checks payable to INUMC

Mail to:
Attn:  Lisa Timmerman
301 Pennsylvania Parkway, #300
Carmel, IN 46280

Registration deadline:  February 25, 2022 at 11:59 pm (ET)

Cancellation policy:   cancellations must be received via email to by 11:59 pm on February 25, 2022 to be eligible for a refund less processing fee.  No refunds after this date.

Select one class:

  • Introduction to Lay Ministry: The BASIC Course - This course is required for those seeking to become a Certified Lay Servant, a Certified Lay Speaker, or a Certified Lay Minister.  This course is foundational for all courses in Lay Servant Ministries.  Participants are encouraged to discover and employ personal spiritual gifts as God intended and to consider the importance of exercising servant leadership, developing future leaders, remaining rooted in consistent spiritual practices, and being part of a group that holds members accountable in their discipleship.  The instructor is Barbara Kleinofen, Certified Lay Speaker.  The required text is: Lay Servant Ministries-Basic Course by Sandy Zeigler Jackson and Brian Jackson.  It is available through Amazon for $11.00 and in Kindle version.  Participants are required to read the book prior to the class. 
  • Living Our United Methodist Beliefs - This course is REQUIRED for those seeking to become Certified Lay Speakers or Certified Lay Ministers.  This course will explore the special gifts of theology, witness, and organization that The United Methodist Church brings to the church universal, how we got to where we are today, and how our distinctive emphases are still needed in the church today.  The required participant’s book is:  Living Our Beliefs:  The United Methodist Way by Kenneth L. Carder.  It is available through Amazon for $13.00 and in Kindle format for $9.99.  Participants are expected to have read the book prior to the class.  The class will be taught by Rev. Tim Powers 
  • Lay Pastoral Care Giving - This course offers insights into the life span and the dynamics of contemporary life to help church leaders reach out with God’s love and care to others.  It helps to answer the question: “How do we learn to care for others in the community-whether the community of faith or the extended community?”  This class is helpful for those interested in starting a lay pastoral ministry in their churches and for those who are already involved in that ministry.  The required text is Lay Pastoral Care Giving by Timothy M. Farabaugh.  It is available through Amazon for $18.00.  Participants are expected to have read the book prior to the class.  The instructor is Pastor Branden Scott.