Workshop Information

This event will teach how to create relationships with under-resourced neighbors that will last and create transformation within congregations.  Church leaders look at a strategy that will foster lasting transformation as opposed to a band-aide approach.  The techniques and philosophies will help churches understand how to be more extravagant with their hospitality and create lasting change in people's lives.
Led by Jamalyn Peigh Williamson, Outreach Pastor at St. Luke's UMC.  Jamalyn's passion for outreach may have been nurtured in Haiti, where she worked for many years, but it has grown exponentially in Indianapolis where she combines it with her business acumen, theological training and notorious wit to lead one of the Conference's largest ministry efforts.
During the workshop participants will:
  • Review the ways congregations support the poor and wrestle with the question, "Do these practices support families or create dependence?"
  • Discover the difference between situational and generational poverty.
  • Understand why it is important to know resources available in their community.
  • Learn about hidden rules among classes and why a working knowledge of these rules really matters.
  • Discover the need to understand different language registers for people living in poverty and understand the common story structures for under-resourced families.
  • Learn best practices for ways churches can reach out to under-resourced families while keeping families' dignity in tact.
Registration deadline:  February 28, 2018 at 11:59 pm
There is no cost to attend this workshop; however you must register to attend.
After registration, if you are unable to attend please email Lisa Timmerman at

Event Details

Event Date:  March 3,2018
Event Time:  9:00 am to Noon EST
Location:  St. Luke's UMC
                   100 W 86th St
                    Indianapolis IN