October 28, 2020

9:00 am - 12:30 pm (ET)

Zoom meeting only

The Zoom meeting link will be sent by email on October 22, 2020

Hope & Grace:  A Concert of Prayer is a gathering of both United Methodist clergy and laity from around the state of Indiana.  They will be coming together with the purpose of creating an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit is unleashed through expressions of prayer.  The event is designed to provide a small-group experience where each person can practice prayer in both familiar and new ways.  It will also gather everyone together to put what they have practiced into action - praying to God and glorifying Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Musician Amy Cox will lead participants in worship national speaker Carlos Whittaker will inspire and challenge, and Bishop Trimble will send participants out to continue the concert of prayer.

There is no cost to attend.


Registration deadline:  October 21, 2020 at 11:59 pm


Rehearsal Room Descriptions:

Contemplative - Contemplative prayer would be in the style of Thomas Merton.  Finding that time to simply be quiet with God and listen to Him speak.  Coming to the Father with the intent of hearing His voice and seeing His face.  Spending time meditating on a scripture that He has led you to, and moving to a deep place of understanding because of the Holy Spirit's leading.

Dance - Dancing prayer is using your entire body to express yourself before the Lord.  Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you as you move your hands, your arms, and your legs to simply allow, through the movements of your body, an expression of love, gratitude, trust and submission to the Father.

Healing Prayer - Healing prayers are needed by everyone.  Everyone, at some point, needs to be able to express our deepest hurts/needs to the Father, and then receive healing in our body, soul and spirit.  Healing prayers can also be directed to God on behalf of others.  The deep needs of broken hearts, minds and bodies can be brought relief through prayers of healing.

Singing Prayer - Singing prayers are examples of the Holy Spirit giving word and thought which are expressed through song.  Melody and rhyme are not important.  Only the willingness to sing as led by the Spirit.  Also, there are many hymns and popular worship songs that can be sung in prayer.  It is simply following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Submission Prayer - Submissive prayer is that prayer that is spoken only by the unction of the Holy Spirit.  Sitting and asking, then waiting until the voice of the Holy Spirit is heard as He leads the person praying into who to pray for and what to pray, whether it is a word, a scripture, or something entirely different.

Repentance Prayer - Repentance prayer is that which sees clearly the sin and harm done by events, people, circumstances, and then seeks Godly sorrow to intercede for a change; a transformation.  The repentant prayer is also a time of joyful acceptance of restoration and celebration of grace and mercy received from the Father.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer - Warfare is realizing and accepting that we are a people at war with spiritual forces which are determined to steal, kill and destroy the work of the Kingdom.  The prayer of warfare constantly seeks the discernment of the Holy Spirit in seeing the work of the enemy, searches the scriptures for the power to overcome; using the sword of the Spirit as Jesus did.  It is prayer that concentrates on the authority of Jesus Christ.

Social Justice Prayer - Prayers of Social Justice are just that.  This type of prayer focuses on the social issues that the Word of God calls us to...prayers for widows and orphans, prayers for those caught up in the lies and addictions of the enemy.  Prayers for the poor, homeless and needy.  Prayers for justice and concentration on the true Agape love of the Father.

Church Revival Prayer - These are prayers for revival.  It is time for judgement and revival to begin with the church.  It seems that at this point in history, with all the social turmoil and uncertainty caused by plague and politics, that it may be time for Isaiah 43: 18-21 to be true.  Revival is praying, not for a return to what we are comfortable with, but for the new thing that Christ wants to do to return His church to the pure and spotless bride she should be.

Family Prayer - Learn more about and put into practice how to pray as a family and for families.